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January 7, 2014 by bkrobinson

I am a believer in the Church of Baseball. And not in a Annie Savoy in Bull Durham way, but in the purest way. I would much rather spend the rest of my life listening to Harry Caray sing and Steve Busby talk about cookies and birthdays and Bob Uecker-isms than anything else. I believe that the happiest times of my life have been spent in a ballpark, and for that reason I wanted to start this blog.

In this, my first post, I wanted to set a few things straight. I was named after the greatest third baseman of all time. This is not an opinion. I believed Palmeiro, and I still do. If there isn’t already, I would probably start a Fergie Jenkins fan club.

In years past, I’ve spent hours writing and discussing transactions and lineups that could possibly help my teams who are starving for World Series trophies better.. and sometimes I will still talk about this. But the best part about being a baseball fan is being able to enjoy it with other fans, so I wanted to be able to enjoy it with other members.

If you enjoy the baseball fandom lifestyle as I do, I hope that you enjoy the posts to come.


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